process service in costa rica

Process service has come one of the major need of the people to serve different legal papers for obtaining the court decision on various personal, family and business matters. Basically, these needs are arising at that moment, when people are fixed in certain legal issues and finding no other option to resolve them.

Such occasions, they require the services of such a person who can successfully serve their judicial documents to a desired respondent so that a favourable decision could be taken in the court to resolve the matter. Nowadays, serving documents in Costa Rica is considered to the herculean task, as these tasks involve a lot of alertness, intelligence and tactfulness. Because a process server has to deal with many sheepish persons who provide a lot of concocted stories and excuses for avoid receiving subject legal papers.

The main intention of such people is not to receive the court papers and create troubles in proceeding by not being present in the courts. But, a tactful and talented process server can understand reluctance and successfully overcome such issues through intelligent dealing and cleverness. He will be serving desired judicial document to a right respondent by hook & crook.

As a qualified agency of talented process servers, we have overcome entire problems through experience and expertise. Now, no cause can divert us from our goal of serving legal document in Costa Rica. In this attempt, our well trained process servers are using their skills and knowledge to analyze the possibility of serving a notice, court order, divorce paper, subpoena, writ & petition.

We have gathered best resources and attained best skills by getting the up to date knowledge of entire territories and being fully versed with the languages used by the people in various regions of Costa Rica. Besides we are fully aware of various rules and laws applied in conducting process service in these regions.

Such efficacies have helped them in communicating with local people to get the information of a respondent and also detecting the possibility of serving a judicial paper to him. This way, we are analyzing various possibilities to assist clients in their matters by serving judicial document in Costa Rica. Moreover we have overcome the problems of cost quote by keeping the cost of our services at bay without compromising with the standard and quality of our operations.

In fact, we are one among leading process serving agencies that can serve all kind of judicial documents like Summons, Petitions, Complaints, Commercial Documents, Corporate Litigation Papers, Judicial and Extra-Judicial documents on personal, family and Business matter anywhere in Costa Rica. Our services are mentioned below:

  • Serving Summons & Complaints
  • Serving Petitions by experienced Process Services
  • Serving Petitions Serving Other Judicial and Extra-Judicial documents in Civil and Commercial Matters

We always considered time and money as prime factor in process services which we have been effectively managing while serving summons, complaints and documents accordingly. To learn more about us or to use any of the abovementioned service in any region of Costa Rica, you can contact us on